Studio Membership Terms & Conditions

Please read before applying:

General information:

  • Erie ClaySpace Artists Association (ECSAA) is a 501(c)(7) Social and Recreational nonprofit organization for ceramic artists.

  • ECSAA provides ceramic artists with a community, studio space and access to equipment.

  • ECSAA associate membership is $180 for a minimum 3-month commitment, payable on or before the first day of the first month in the period.

  • ECSAA offers ceramics classes and workshops. During class time, Member may ask the instructor for permission to work in the studio but students have priority use of equipment, tables, etc. Member should not interrupt class instruction. Students are ECSAA student members for the duration of the class.

Associate Membership Application Process:

  • Applicant must have taken a ceramic art class at ECSAA studio, or demonstrate satisfactory experience and knowledge to safely and competently work with studio equipment.

  • Applicant submits the attached application to the ESCAA board of directors.

  • The board shall respond within 72 hours.

  • Applicant may be asked to meet with the Studio Manager for a knowledge/skills demonstration.

  • Upon acceptance, Associate Member agrees to pay three-months-membership dues in advance. Membership period can begin on the first day of any month. No dues will be prorated.

  • Member agrees to pay a $100 refundable security deposit, which includes one key to the building and one key to the studio. Keys may not be reproduced or transferred. Interest will not be earned on key security deposit during term of membership. Security Deposit may be forfeited if Member violates any membership, bylaw or building regulation.


  • Member agrees to abide by the rules set forth by the building owner and by ECSAA. Member accepts the ECSAA bylaws and any amendments.

  • Members are responsible for purchasing their own clay and glaze materials, which should be clearly marked with their name and cone firing range. Clay can be purchased from M & M Pottery in Corry or ECSAA. One shelving unit is provided for member’s use.

  • Member agrees to prepay material purchases and kiln firings (fees posted outside the kiln room.)

  • Use of studio is for Members only. Guests are not permitted.

  • Use of studio is for clay art. Plaster may be used for molds but MUST be cleaned up thoroughly and removed from the premises. DO NOT wash plaster down the drain.

  • Clay and glaze being fired must be compatible with the cone temperature setting.

  • Kiln shelves must be scraped and washed immediately after firing to be ready for the next user.

  • Studio Manager and/or a Managing Member will supervise first bisque and glaze firings.

  • Additional guidance may be required for subsequent firings until Member demonstrates satisfactory level of competence to fire on their own.

  • If, at any time, Member is unsure about proper use of any equipment, glazes, materials, etc., please contact the Studio Manager PRIOR to use.

  • Leave all work areas as clean as or cleaner than you found them, including all equipment, tables, wedging slabs, floors, glaze room, containers, sink, microwave, and refrigerator, etc.

  • After clean-up, put all tools back in their proper place so that other members may find them. Member may not remove tools, materials or equipment from facility.

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of 1505 State Street.

  • Food and beverage should not be left in the facility. Take all food-trash with you when you leave. Food and beverage must never be rinsed down the sink, as it will rot in the clay-trap bucket.

  • Pets (except service dogs) are prohibited.

  • Music should be played at a low volume. Headphones are encouraged.

  • Any equipment damaged, destroyed or lost due to negligence or inexperience must be paid for before the end of the month.

  • Renewal of membership may be denied if Member violates any membership, bylaw or building regulation.

Kiln and Materials Rules and Fees (subject to change with 30 days’ notice)

  • Member must schedule their firings with the Studio Manager.

  • Payment is submitted to the Treasurer by cash or check in an envelope with name, date of firing or materials purchased and amount enclosed.

    • If a receipt is required, see the studio manager prior to paying the Treasurer.

    • Make checks payable to Erie ClaySpace Artists Association (ECSAA)

  • Members are encouraged to share kilns and split costs.

  • Members are responsible for loading and unloading their kiln.

  • Material Fees:

    • Studio mixed clay = $1.00 per pound

    • Studio mixed glaze = $20.00 per firing

    • Mix your own glaze with ECSAA materials:

      • With Frit = $30.00 per 10,000 grams

      • Without Frit = $25.00 per 10,000 grams

      • Smaller batches = $3.00 per 1,000 grams

        • Firing fees:

          • Bisque Δ08 – Δ1 = $20.00

          • Glaze Δ2 – Δ6 = $30.00

          • Lusters, metallics, decals etc. Δ020 – Δ09 = $15.00